Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vicki and Monty turn Five

May-B blogged about the birth of the puppies yesterday on their official fifth birthdays.  The whole affair was set up the previous fall to get May-B a new dog and though I didn't know it at the time, to get me a dog of my own so my house wouldn't seem so empty.  I think May-B said more like "to keep me from remarrying immediately out of loneliness".

Vicki was my favourite pup of the litter. She was (and still is) the kissingest pup ever from when she was just a couple of weeks old.  One is a lonely number so I acquired Monty to round things out.  They came home with me in early July. 

There was a big park in back of our condo units, with lots of wild rabbits and lots of yummy rabbit poop.  The pups loved to search it out in the grass.  (I wrote to IAMS and suggested if they could make their puppy food taste more like rabbit poop they would increase voluntary intake by 50%.  They didn't write back).

Montel at nine weeks
Vicki at nine weeks
When they had a bath they went all curly haired
They had a little basket bed which they slept in during the day.  And chewed on.
First haircuts and all decked out.
My friends Wayne and Gifty gave me a big handcrafted bowl as a house warming gift.  
It held two puppies quite comfortably
My kids were the champs at leaving little pieces of paper all over the house. the pups were even better.  A use for flyers  - as entertainment.  Problem was they also tore up their store bought pee pads, so I finally used old towels.

Watching the puppies grow up was like watching my kids grow up only in fast forward.  I was amazed at the similarities.  Except the kids chewed the edge of the coffee table, not the baseboards.  And fight.  Unless the other wanted it first, it wasn't interesting.  they found a pair of socks in the park.  Two socks?  Useless.  So they brought one home and left the other.  Then they could fight over a sock in both locations.

But like my kids they grew up and went their separate ways, as did I.


  1. THEY ARE ADORABLE!! And speaking of puppy kisses, the first night with Beau, fresh from three years of abuse, he lay in my arms sound asleep, with his tail wagging like crazy!! I assume it was his first happy moment in his life and he didn't know how to count his blessings without wagging his tail. Five months later, and he loves nothing better than to be awakened from a nap and see me and Joe nearby. He leaps up into our laps and when we say "KISS" he obliges with wiggles and glee. They experience each moment to the fullest. Can't you imagine how they experience cruelty.... to the fullest. He brings Joe and me to tears nearly every day.

  2. My favourite picture is the curly puppies on the mat.

    Beau, like humans, will forget the worst of it as best he can and simply live for the home and happiness he has now. I love he only kisses on command. Viki used to wash my face every night when we went to bed. I'd finally have to make her stop.


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