Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Reasons I Love My Wife

When we put in a new water meter, we had to get someone from the water department to come and read the old meter and break the seal.  Then when we put the new meter on, we had to get someone from the water department to read the new meter and attach a new seal.  Both times it was a VERY attractive blonde named Natasha (What?  You expected Jennifer?).  We had to provide transportation both ways.  After she read the new meter and sealed it, I went to drive her back to the office.  I said to Tanya "Don't worry.  I'll come back.  I am an old man".  Tanya said "Yes, but sometimes you remember a little".

Today we went to Yubileni (Jubilee) an appliance store, to order a new anode for our water heater.  We took the manual with us so they would know what to order as of course they no longer carry that brand.  The guy had gone for lunch and the woman holding his section of the store was clueless.  She said, in Russian, "Need man" (there are no articles in Russian).  I said to Tanya "All women say need two men".  She replied "I'm already surrounded by idiots".

Tanya was in a dress shop and I was teasing her about what dress she should buy.  She threw me out of the shop.  When she came to the car, I said "I do love you, you know".  In Russian, "Yes, like (a) dog loves (the) stick (that beats him)".


  1. I think I love your wife too. :)

  2. My kids do too, for the same reason. Some days I think I don't deserve her and other days I think I do.

  3. All this just in time for Mothers' Day on Sunday.

    Did she really call you a dog? Instead of a donkey?

  4. The Russian expression called for dog and she didn't tailor it. Though she could have with no loss in meaning. Pity. I'll mention it to her.

    Mother's Day is Sunday? Best make a note of that to phone my Mother-In-Law. Here it is a non-event. THE big day is International Women's Day in March sometime.