Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Earthquake Disaster in Chile

My friend Francisco's family lives in Santiago.  He writes the following:

Even though my family is all well and healthy there are many needs and many in need as per call for help from the Government of Chile as per list below extracted from Chilean consulate in Vancouver web site.
Thank you all,
The Government of Chile has requested from the international community the following help:
Mechanical bridges
Field hospitals with surgery capacity
Satellite phones and relay stations
Generator equipment
Evaluation systems of structural damage (hospitals, schools, public building, among others)
Desalination plants
Tent shelters
Autonomous dialysis centers
Mobile dining facilities
Some supplies require the envoy of specialized personnel. Please direct all technical inquiry about this help to Mr. Pedro Salamanca: psalamanca@onemi.gov.cl
 For all Chileans overseas wishing to collaborate with donations, the Ministry of the Interior has opened an account at the Banco del Estado with account number 4545 and the funds received will be sent to the Oficina Nacional de Emergencia (ONEMI), Chile’s Emergency National Office. 
 Chileans wishing to send money through the Consulate will be able to send a money order in US dollars addressed to the Ministerio del Interior.
 These money orders will be sent to Chile through the diplomatic pouch of the Consulate.
 For more information regarding the earthquake, please visit www.onemi.cl or the website of the Consulate General of Chile in Vancouver: www.chilevancouver.com
 Regarding the massive earthquake that affected the Central/South part of Chile, mainly in the Provinces of Valparaiso, O`Higgins, Maule, Bio Bio and Araucania, the Embassy of Chile in Canada can inform so far:
 To Canadian citizens:
 If you are a Canadian citizen and have family in Chile, please contact the emergency number of the Canadian Embassy in Chile: 613 9441310 (TTY)               613 996 8885         613 996 8885. You can also visit the Canadian Embassy website: http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/chile-chili/index.aspx?lang=spa
 Communications by phone to and from Chile are still slow, but in process of recovery. So be patient. May we suggest you contact your loved ones by email, Facebook, or any other social network, which are mostly working.
 Please note that since Santiago International Airport will be closed at least the next 72 hours, international flies have been cancelled.
 To Chilean citizens
 Since most communications are down, though in process of recovery, we advice you to visit the web of the Emergency National Office www.onemi.cl in order to find out about the general situation in Chile.
 We also recommend you insist trying getting in touch with your family by phone, as well as by internet (Facebook, Twitter and others).
 About last minute information, you can also visit the following web sites:
To find people via GOOGLE:   http://www.chilepersonfinder.appspot.com/?lang=en  
 Today, March 01 we will open a bank account for donations to the victims of the earthquake. The details of the account will be posted here.
The amounts received will be sent to Chile via ONEMI, (National Emergency Office) or any government office the Chilean Government may determine.

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