Saturday, March 13, 2010


As Churchy La Femme would have said, "Friday the 13th come on a Saturday this month".

Last night I finished the last PowerPoint presentation for a three day beef school I am doing in two weeks and sent it off to be translated.  I even backed up all my files on a flash drive, just in case.

I didn't sleep well.  Every joint ached.  (I know, I know, stay out of those joints). I was dog tired all day today.  Got up at 8:00, checked email, went back to bed until 11:00 while Tanya went into the city to shop.  Made some breakfast and went to have a shower. No water.  Went back to bed until 4:00.

We may have water tomorrow.  Went over to Lucia's this evening and got a couple pails from their well to flush toilet and we have a big jug of drinking water so are OK there.

The vet didn't come Friday.  We will have to take Volk in to the clinic to get his muzzle stitched up.  The stray female is still here.  Actually came up to me to be petted today.  She is staying with Bobik in their yard.  Volk does not want to go home as long as Bobik is there, though they have not fought.  Anybody want two dogs?  Only one of them is pregnant.

Tanya loves Volk for the same reason she loves LynnieC and Vicki.  The three of them do what they want and just ignore what anyone thinks. I like Bobik because he is like Monty and loves to please, listens to me...and hunts chickens but I don't say that out loud.

Couple of pictures.  The first is counted cross stitch that Lucia brought over to show us.  I found a beautiful kit at a craft shop and bought it for her just because she does counted cross stitch.  It will take her a while.  this was one she had just completed.

The second picture is a nine-plant stand I bought Tanya for International Woman's Day.  She still has two empty spots on it as she hasn't decided what ones to put there yet.  If the plants sit on the window sills they get too hot underneath from the registers.  With the stand they can get light but not so much heat.


  1. Very cool plants and pic. Poor Volk. I feel bad for him. Bobik is a dick.

  2. Volk is the dickhead. Sometimes Bobik gets tired of his shit and tries to kill him.


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