Monday, March 8, 2010

I can resist anything but temptation

International Women's Day was beautiful but cold.

After we had all eaten and the kitchen was full of dirty dishes, I said to Tanya, "Don't worry about the dishes, Honey . . . you can do them tomorrow when it isn't International Women's Day anymore".


  1. So she didn't hit you with the frying pan.

  2. I think you dreamed it happening. Of course maybe those ladies on the continent are more tolerant.

  3. Don't worry. Most of the dishes were done before I went to bed and the rest by 7:00 am this morning. when I told Tanya she said "OK. You can live".

  4. I'm with May-B; surprised that you lived to tell the tale.

    You need to learn to engage your brain before you open your mouth. Oh, wait; you already do that; you just use the reverse gear.

  5. I spend my life waiting for opportunities to use lines like that, regardless of consequences.

    Like my friend Bob who went to the Dr. with a bladder infection and was asked if it burned when he urinated. He said he didn't know, he never tried to light it.

    When I was in highschool I went to the Dr. with a gash over my eyebrow from a collision on the ball field.
    How did it happen?
    I bit myself.
    How can you bite yourself on the forehead?
    I stood on a chair.


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