Friday, March 5, 2010

More Conversations

Kuchma: Meow
Me: You want outside?
Kuchma: Meow
Me: (opening door) It is raining.
Kuchma: (goes outside, sits and watches rain)
Me: you can wander off and get wet or come back in the house where it is warm and sleep.
Kuchma: (comes back into the house) Meow

Me: Here is the 800 hrivna I owe* you.
Tanya: Good.  Do you need to borrow more money?

* for 400 hrivna she "loaned" me two weeks ago.

Meals were getting a bit slack as neither of us felt much like cooking.
Me: (sarcastic) Will you cook tomorrow?
Tanya: (sarcastic) What would you like me to cook for you?

Supper was amazing.  "Homemade" sausgage baked in teh oven, mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, huge green salad.
Me: Thank you so much for the wonderful supper
Tanya: You'll pay plenty for it.

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