Sunday, November 28, 2010

Are there any News? Not a New.

Tanya decorated for Christmas today and the house looks quite festive.  Pictures to follow when our handy-dandy ISP works again. 

Today we are back to the old and slow one.  Groan.  Volodya, our tech who set up the new system, tried to get us running again Saturday but gave up.  He will come back tomorrow and do something. 

It is actually 0C as I write.  Maybe it will get cold tonight.  It has been so warm, a great many seeds have sprouted in the flower garden so Tanya dug up the seedlings and potted them inside for the winter.  She now has a head start on petunias and phlox for next spring.  The crocuses are even up.  Not good.

Friday I let the dogs out to run about 10:00 and they never came back as they usually do.  Bobik came limping home at 4:00, worse for the wear, bloodied from a gash on his front leg and a chewed ear. No Volk.  I went looking for him and this dog came running up to me and barked at me steady for a couple of minutes. 

Saw Volk briefly yesterday.  He had found himself a paramour.  The dog who barked at me.  Guess she was telling me to mind my own business.  Volk would come home when he was ready.  Or hungry.  He came home today.  Muddy and starved but if dogs can grin. . .  Now instead of Bobik sitting at the fence and crying to go out, they are both being mournful.

I'm trying to write an article for a Ukrainian livestock magazine and have had severe writers block.  I know what I want to say but HOW to say it in a fashion that won't get me deported or shot, yet will still have the desired impact. . . and not be 10 pages long.


  1. If you're doing something for a livestock magazine, why not write about your livestock: Bobick and Volk. News that's more fun than a soap opera!

    But maybe that won't be the kind of gnus they want.

  2. Curious. Ukrainian livestock aren't bred and raised like everywhere else in the world?

  3. Demeur, cattle are not raised the same anywhere in the world. Farm to farm, state to state, country to country. Some places are more advanced than others. North America has the best cattle and the most efficient system of beef production in the world FOR OUR CONDITIONS. While FSU agriculture could and should be very similar to ours (similar climate, soils, ability to scale up, etc.) the soviet collective and state farm system was a disaster they will be trying to overcome for decades yet.


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