Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pictures from Chukotka in the far north east of Russian Federation

Our friend Volodya from P'yatikhatki did some consulting work for a gold mining company in the Autonomous Region of Chukotka in the far NE of Russia. Anadyr-Ugolnyye Kopi is the only settlement of note I could find on Google Earth so I am thinking that may be where he flew in.  Certainly it is near the ocean.  The Chukchi are the aboriginal people.  In winter they cross the Bering strait where it is fairly narrow to visit relatives in Alaska and in return receive American Eskimos (Dene?).  The army don't know where to look to keep them from crossing and likely don't care either.

You can see Volodya's pictures here. 

I hope this works. Not sure if they are password protected or not but I can open them on my computer.


  1. The Alaskans might be Dene, or Innu.

    As for the army watching, it's probably not an issue. Some Americans are less threatening than others.

    Even if they all come from Alaska.

  2. The Dene I worked with in Inuvik were closely related to the Cree. The "eskimos" were then called Inuvialuit. That was the mid-80's and other names have changed so they may have also.

  3. Thanks, both. They would not be Dene, rather Innu or Inuvialuit.

    My friend Dave sent me this link to an interesting article about cross Strait trading and relationships.

  4. Very interesting slide show. I saw on wikipedia that the Chukchi people are in two groups, the Reindeer Chukchi who herd and hunt reindeer, and the Maritime Chukchi who hunt at sea.

  5. Tanya and I have on our wish list to visit Chukotka and Kamchatka. In summer.

  6. Hello I came across your Blog Good luck I read your profile it struck me when you wrote about your Kids because here in Japan I also have 2 not met them formally 5 years my g is 20 and b 14 I divorced my J wife after we were victims of a fraud by J Gangsters lost everything and then the police would not touch the case sounds familier ? then Jaoapnese law does not allow the Father to see the kids Indefinitely in divorce in Japan the winner always Japanese Yakuza takes all anyway I am interested in Natives and lives of Siberia and love to go to Qamachatqa from Goggle it looks fantastic


  7. Hi, Andii, hope you drop back to read this. Sorry to hear about your family situation. My brother hasn't seen his kids in 15 or more years after a bitter divorce.
    I lost my wife to cancer almost 7 years ago. I had known Tanya for several years prior and moving to Ukraine just seemed easier and smarter than her moving to Canada.
    We want to go to Kamchatka too for the same reason as you - it just looks like a wonderful part of the world.


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