Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sure works for me

Tanya is in cleaning and furniture rearranging mode, getting ready to decorate for Christmas, even though it is +21C outside as I write.

Last spring, at end of season, we bought an electric fireplace for looks and as an extra heat source in the living room.  (Electric heat is cheaper than gas heat). The floor model came with no box or instructions.   It had fake flames and all and looked pretty in late evenings when we plugged it in but gave no heat.  As it was summer we didn't explore further. 

Today she moved it from under the TV to another wall, for ease of decorating and to make room for the tree to go in the window.  I decided to see why it made no heat as it had a heating element and should have a fan.  No sign of a control panel anywhere. Plug it in, "fire" works.  Unplug it, "fire" stops.  Puzzle.

When Tanya finished dusting it and was pushing it back against the wall, she kicked it, in some frustration at its unwillingness to throw heat.  A hidden door popped open and there were the controls.  I just looked at her in amazement.

She said, "Sometimes stupid works, too".


  1. What's the expression? If it doesn't work hit it or spit in the back of it. Andy Griffith "No time for sergeants".

  2. The virtues of "percussive technology"!

  3. I was looking at an electric fireplace yesterday but we have no wall large enough since our rooms are mostly archway overload.

    BUT, my almost new camera stopped working and Joe was insisting I buy another one.

    I got frustrated and smacked it. Smacked it HARD and three times!

    It now works fine.

  4. Well done, Dana!

    "Percussive technology" saves the day, again.

  5. It's not so stupid. "Percussive maintenance" is standard procedure for a lot of equipment.

    Reminds of the repair procedure for the display on a Sony camera:
    1. Hold camera firmly in left hand.
    2. Smartly rap front of camera with knuckles of right hand on the "Cyber-shot" logo.

  6. Maybe I should kick things more often.

    Electric is cheaper than gas!? Not here it isn't. Not even close.

  7. RB, great wordsmithing
    DC, are you serious?
    Snowbrush, Ukraine has ample coal, hydro and nuclear power stations. ALL gas is imported from Russia.

  8. The Sony camera fix is on several websites. It worked for Chris and Maryanne and others for a problem with the display.


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