Friday, November 5, 2010

With friends like this

When I applied for my new passport, I had to give two references who could vouch that I was a real person.  They were actually contacted.  This is the reply they got from one of my friends.  I only listed him as "friend" because there wasn't enough room to write "village idiot".
From: []
Sent: November-05-10 6:17 AM
To: wayne
Subject: passport service

Dear Mr. Wayne,

Please confirm that you know Mr. Fodder Blog

Best regards,

Consular section
Canadian Embassy | Ambassade du Canada
(38044)590-3189 | (38044)590-3189
(38044)590-3134 | (38044)590-3134

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada | Affaires etrangиres et Commerce international Canada
Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

From: Wayne [mailto:wayne@]
Sent: November-05-10 6:21 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: passport service

Thank you. I know him very well. His name is Mr. Blog Fodder (I believe you have the first and last names reversed, or you have forgotten a comma after the last name).

I sincerely hope that you do not give him another passport. We have finally gotten him out of the country so why would we give him the paperwork to allow him back in. Is there a place where I could intervene in his application? I have photos and other documentary evidence to support my case.



  1. I have since been contacted by other friends, colleagues and village idiots offering to vouch for me next time. My sincere thanks to my friends Wayne and Tim this time.

  2. Well Mr Fodder Blog, is this what we call you now?

  3. Oh how I would love to have the opportunity to vouch for you...

    You'd not be allowed to leave OR stay where you are. Quite a dilemma.

  4. Is that the guy who lives on Vancouver Island?

  5. Dana, oh, tanjuberrymudj.

    PN, yes

    And for others of you who may be worried, he SAYS this is the version he sent me, not the one he sent passport service. If I get a passport in a couple of weeks, I will believe him.

  6. That guy is awesome! With friends like these...


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