Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nice to be Knee-ded

Went to see my doctor today about my knees.  Truth, Tanya made the appointment and dragged me there but it was necessary.  A lifetime of flat feet and two decades or more of 50 kg of extra lard are deleterious to the health of one's knees. (I know, I know, if you get stiff in the joints, stay out of those joints).

My right knee has been trouble for at least a year now when I drive any length of time.  The driver's side of the Kia was not made for giant economy size and my knee would pain so bad after about 30 minutes on the gas pedal that I would have to get out, walk around the car with my leg straight and then get back in for another 30 minute drive.

The last couple of months my left knee would take a notion once in a while not to support me when I was walking down stairs.  Not good.  So off to the doc it was.

Quick exam by the doc in his office. X-Rays next. Talk about speedy.  The tech gave Tanya the four negatives, still dripping from the vat and we hurried back to Dr. Rosenberg. He had a quick look at them, and said likely the beginnings of arthritis.  He then hung them over a register to dry and will give them a thorough look before we go back to see him.  The X-Rays will be added to my medical file which Tanya keeps for me (people here are responsible for their own medical files).

He gave me a prescription for some blue pills (no smart remarks) which we will try for a month and then maybe injections into the knees beginning in February.  At $75 each x 3 in each knee. A fortune in this country.

Dr. Rosenberg has a huge Samurai sword in his office.  He says it is for when his operations are not successful. Doctors bury their mistakes.  Architects can only plant vines.


  1. A loss of weight, some arch supports and plenty of walking will do wonders. Must keep the joints limber at our age. Yes I'm that old. ;-)

  2. You need cruise control on your vehicle for driving, and orthotic insoles in your shoes for walking and standing. I have had custom orthotic insoles for about 5 yrs and it makes a big difference.

  3. I dunno. Sounds like a chauffer would solve most of your problems. I know some Americans who might work for cheap.

    Cycling is good for the knees. Non impact exercise like swimming.

  4. Demeur is right. Your knees are sending you a message. They're being overloaded. If you just get treated for the knee pain now, in time your feet, ankles and hips will start sending messages, too, and with less provocation than driving for a half hour or more.

    Dropping 100 lbs. isn't easy and shouldn't be done quickly. However, if you go about it sensibly and get it done, you really will be better off in many ways for the rest of your life. Saving money on those knee injections is just the start.

    (FWIW, a year and a half ago I realized I had put on a bit too much heft. I set about losing 25 pounds in about six months and have kept it off. In addition to the health benefits, I'm able to wear a couple jackets and some pants I like but had outgrown.)

  5. Oh but, I really want to make a smart remark about the "blue pills".
    Sorry to hear about your knee trouble. That must be awful!! :( I hope that the injections help.


  6. Those shots would be Synvisc or one of its cousins. They are all artificial lubricants, which didn't help me, but then I have stage four and even stage five arthritis in places (stage five is the worst). Because of one of the pills I take, I've gained 10 pounds in two weeks, and my knees are killing me. As long as I can keep the weight off, I can handle short walks even, but with the weight, I can't do much of anything.

    Hope you're staying warm, my friend. I'm sorry if I went overboard on my last comment.

  7. I know I need to lose weight. However I have dieted all the way from a (now it seems svelt) 240 lbs to current 330 lbs.
    Orthotics are so expensive in Canada. $350 a pair. Sold by chiropractors and massage therapists but also by people at exhibitions and carnivals. So I would need two pairs plus two pairs of sandals one of which i would wear in the house in lieu of slippers.
    Snowbrush, I figured that is what the injections were as they were not cortisone. And you are entitled to rant. You are forgiven as others have forgiven me in the past of the same .


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