Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Send in the Clones

Our PURPLE 2008 Kia Carens.  Note licence number

Another PURPLE 2008 Kia Carens.  Note licence number


  1. Those similarities could get you into real trouble. Or bigger trouble than you're having now.

  2. And imagine that you just happened to see it.

  3. The 6669 is also my driver's licence number. Andrei sent me the picture. I need to ask him where it was.

  4. I think Andrei should snap a shot of the vehicle's owner. Any similarity to your mug would indeed round off the weird factor of this.

    I don't normally share the word verification, but in this case it made me chuckle - "bramoven". Conjured up an image of a woman dealing with an uncooperative bra.

    I look forward to the day I have to type in "jockitch".

  5. I see you finally made it past the photos I posted. Interesting organization those Femens. Just don't mention it to Tanya.

    Quick story - Was shopping while very tired one day. Leaving the store I headed to my car, put the key in the lock and opened the door. Opened the back door to stow the groceries only to realize it wasn't my car. It was an exact copy same make same year. I quickly closed the doors and headed to my car parked three spaces away. What are the odds of the same locks?

  6. My husband always puts a Canadian flag sticker on our cars, for identification purposes. If we park at a large underground parking lot and we're looking for our car, the flag always shows us which our vehicle is. It's handy.

    I was surprised to see a purple car, let alone two, and with similar license plates... oh, my! and is there a 666 in the number?

    A cursed vehicle? :)

  7. Mike, I sure hope the driver of the other car doesn't look like me. One is enough. Some of the word verifications are too funny.

    Demeur, I still don't know how I could have missed that group. Maybe they made the news and Tanya wouldn't tell me about it? Matching keys in matching cars so close together is a bit of a shocker, isn't it? Long odds.

    Lorena, there is actually another purple Kia Carens right here in town. My driver's licence as well as our car licence contains 666. I drive like the devil and scare hell out of people, I guess.

  8. I hope the owner of 6669B1 doesn't rob convenience stores (or some such) to augment his/her income. That could make for sticky situations. ;)


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