Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Sun Shiny Day

Three days of sun this week; spring must be coming.  Tanya was into the on-line seed catalogues again.  Temps in the -5C range (23F) so it was a good day for walking.  Ronald, the neighbour's dog, has been allowed out of his yard to play when Bobik and Volk have been out so today he went with us on our walk. He likes the company; they mostly ignore him.  Unless I pay attention to him, then they play a rough game of tag in which Ronald is "IT" and tag consists of a nip on the rump. I hope it never gets rougher than that.  Watching the two dogs work together and Ronald defend against both is very interesting.  Smart.

Today we were quite a ways from home when they started this tag game.  Ronald finally got tired of it and ran for home with Bobik and Volk in hot pursuit.  Ronald is all legs and can out run them easily on the straightaway.  They chased him all the way home, then came back to me.  With Ronald right behind them. 

Bobik and Volk are now three years old.  Ronald will be one year old in couple of months.

Bobik and Volk on the front step

Ronald at about 10 months


  1. Glad it's -5C in your neighbourhood. It's -22C here (-33C with the wind chill). And yes, I was out for a walk. Foolishly.

    Your dogs seem much more interesting walks that I do. Of course, I have to be on a lead — makes a big difference.

  2. Mine will go back on leads in spring when the gardens go in. Otherwise they race through the new plants and irritate the neighbours.

    I hear it is storming in Alberta?

  3. It`s a nice day here in Ontario. Sun shine and a bit colder than you.
    I think I like this alternative tag! Nips on the rump sound like fun. ;p


  4. I'm so glad Luca kept Ronald. I can't believe he'll be a year old soon! It doesn't seem like it was that long ago since I was out there.

  5. We walk at the doggie park, but don't have a dog! That way we get to enjoy everyone elses dogs.

  6. Laura, you will be putting ads in the Personal?
    Ky, time goes by quickly. It has been 7 months since you were here.
    Donnelda, that way you can enjoy them but don't have to look after tham. Like having grandkids. And thanks for commenting.

  7. Fine looking dogs there, and they sound like a lot of fun.


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