Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to Normal

LynnieC should be on the plane to Munich and then London as I write.  she texted that she was checked in and waiting.  LH2545 departs at 5;10 if it is on time and no weather related problems have been reported today.  The house is pretty empty as she has been here for three weeks and we kind of liked having her around. 

I have done nothing today of a useful nature.  The dishes are still stacked by the sink.  When we eat out of tin cans, I will wash them.  Except here the number of tin cans opened in a month I can count on one hand so maybe I'll wash them when we run out of plates or worse yet, coffee cups.

I have amused myself reading BBC's Mark Mardell's blog commentary on America.  His last two blogs related to the shooting of Representative Gifford have generated hundreds of comments, including a few very well informed and reasoned ones.  Worth reading just to get a cross section of American and British opinions.

One blogger wrote: "Revolutions tend to lead to worse tyrannies than the system they initially seek to overthrow".  I remember reading long ago that "governments that are established with guns can only be removed with guns".  Makes one wonder where the gun culture is going to take USA and by extension the rest of the world.

The timing of the Arizona shootings with the assassination of the Punjab governor in Pakistan makes for interesting comparisons. Liberals the world over are learning the hard way to keep their heads down and their opinions to themselves.  There is always a deranged lone gunman around when you need one.


  1. "There is always a deranged lone gunman around when you need one."

    That's one of the side "benefits" of doing everything possible to keep the severely, dangerously disturbed on the streets, not bothering with all those depressing, expensive institutions.

    And, to make things even easier for them, we facilitate their ability to arm themselves with semiautomatic weapons and work-saving large-crowd clips.


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