Thursday, January 6, 2011

З Різдвом Христовим/С Рождеством Христовым!


  1. Those are so cute!!
    I hope that the title of your post isn't "Eff you! Morons!!"


  2. Okay, so I used one of those handy dandy translator internet widgets and not one language translated clean. Seems Russian gave me half and I think it was Ukrainian that gave me the other half. Regardless, I hope yours was Merry also.

  3. Hey, I like the way Laura thinks. That girl will never be taken in by a pretty facade--and these cards are beautiful. I can't tell if they're cards or postcards, but they're great.

  4. Pretty clever Mike to use both languages to translate. Since I have friends in both camps I wished them Merry Christmas in their own language.
    We had Andrei, Tanya and Masha over for supper tonight but no traditional 12 meatless dishes - that is more serious Orthodox Russians and Ukrainians. Western Ukraine tends to go all out at Christmas as do most western Canadians of Ukrainian descent as they came from western Ukraine.

  5. Merry Christmas all over again, BF.

  6. We came close to an Orthodox Christmas here but not by choice and no 12.
    Here's to better days.

  7. Howdy, this Ozark Farm Chick popped over from 'Ain't for City Gals' just 'cause I love the name of your blog.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great and prosperous New Year.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful day straight from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa..USA!!! :o)


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