Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Climate of Ukraine

Several readers have asked about the climate in Ukraine, so you get a whole blog to answer it partially.  Kyiv is almost exactly on the same latitude as Regina, Saskatchewan, while Sevastopol and Yalta are on the same latitude as Pierre South Dakota. 

An otherwise continental climate is moderated greatly by the Black Sea.  The narrow strip of land between the Crimean mountains and the Black Sea has more of a Mediterranean climate.  Temperature increases from north to south and precipitation decreases from west to east.  The Carpathians get maybe 650 mm rain annually while the  Steppes get 250 to 300 mm.

The charts below show the average annual precipitation and temperature for Chernihiv which is north of Kyiv, and Dnepropetrovs'k which is where I live The charts are from a presentation I did a while back. Winter precipitation is a lot higher than eg the prairies and in that sense certainly not "continental".


  1. I'm afraid I can't make too much of all the details, BF. Graphs and tables are a bit much for an ol' Bear, especially late at night.

    The Mexican climate is so much easier to understand; chilli today, hot tamale.

  2. Graphs leave me less informed than I was before. I'm definitely a left brain thinker...or is it right brain?

    Do I still HAVE a brain? I must just be using the few cells that are permanently set on WORRY.


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