Monday, March 14, 2011

Travel Ukraine

BBC has several great articles on Ukraine here at Ukraine Direct.  Lots of pictures, stories about food, markets, politics, economy, customs and people.

St Andrews Kyiv 2007
Along "Andrew's Descent" Kyiv 2007
Crimea 2007
Sofivka Park October Uman 2008
Pecharske Lavra Kyiv 2007
Pecharske Lavra Bell Tower Kyiv 2007


  1. Gorgeous! What beautiful architecture.

  2. Beautiful is right, but they're 3 years old....whatcha doin' passin' off old photos on your blog?

    Still unpackin' here, but I sent Joe out so I could get nearly the last of it done.

  3. Great pix, BF. Lovely places you've got there!

  4. Dana, the mountains are timeless, the fountain 200 years old and the church more than 1000 years old. Not much changes in three years. Other places they say Photos from archives or something official like that.
    CD, there is so much beautiful architecture and beautiful countryside in Ukraine.
    RB, I do wish you were well enough to travel. I should like to show you this lovely land of ours.

  5. I looked at some of the BBC articles and pictures. Very interesting.
    The article Ukraine's Border: A Family History is from near the area my grandparents were from, except they left much earlier (1899/1904.)

  6. The scenery is beautiful and the architecture is spectacular. I think you're helping tourism, Blog Fodder.

    What does the climate compare to, say, in a region of North America?

  7. I'm with SW on what is the climate like? Very nice photos!


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