Saturday, March 26, 2011


I finished off the business plan last night and emailed everything to my colleague whom I hope is still my friend after he reviews it. It was 11:00 pm. I slept until 9:00 this morning and again all after noon. I shall go to bed early tonight, too.

Now to concentrate on some stuff for another friend and colleague that needed to be done two weeks ago. He is firing up his consulting business after a four year hiatus and developing all new material, website etc. Some of the work I have been most proud of, I have done working with Wayne and his clients.

Tanya and Lena worked in the garden this afternoon. All the local gardens have been raked over, smoothed out and a few brave souls are already planting. Potatoes, mostly thoug the ground is hardly warm enough for anything to grow. Tanya planted lettuce today. It is supposed to be +17 next week. Our first spring rain fell this afternoon driving them from the garden. The mini-crocuses are blooming furiously in the front yard, trying to be noticed. The tulips and irises are showing green shoots. I heard a song bird of some kind two days ago. It is spring. Tonight we change our clocks to DST, I think.

A Christmas package from my daughter in BC arrived this week. She mailed it early in the new year. Two and a half months. I expect the last month was getting from the main PO in Kyiv to our little village PO. When we drove out to pick it up, I got thinking that these people are most likely descendents of people who were once serfs 150 years ago.


  1. I can't tell if your daughter's Xmas present came early or late--probably late, eh?

  2. Does all mail from the U.S. and Canada take that long to get to you?

  3. Letters and cards take at least three weeks. Packages at least 6 weeks.
    It took four days for a letter from Regina to reach Kyiv, according to a friend, so I am sure the rerouting from Kyiv to our village PO is a big delay maker.


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