Sunday, March 6, 2011


Six days of sunshine.  Five days of temps above freezing.  Most of the snow is gone.  The potholes in the roads are back.  The house is full of seedlings.  It must be spring.

I let the dogs out for a run.  they tracked mud all over the front step.  When we got home from our walk there was a bucket of water waiting for me and an old towel to wash the step.  I guess they will be on-leash now until fall again.  If they damage her flowers ...  And once the gardens start to go in, the neighbours don't appreciate those clowns stirring things up. 

Tanya started tomatoes from seed in our south window about a month ago.  Yesterday she transplanted them to give them more space and the passageway is full of pots and boxes.  The germination was pretty good as she got about 200 plants.  Don't worry.  She will still buy more seedlings from our neighbour who has a nursery.  No such thing as too many tomato plants.  For some reason they don't yield per plant like I would expect.

February made up for it but we had a mild fall and winter.  We had bulbs start to grow in January, with enough snow to protect them from February we hope.  It was so warm a bunch of petunias started to grow from seed out in the garden so Tanya dug them up and stuck them in pots for the winter.  We kept them in the passageway which is cool enough they didn't grow much all winter.  She brought them in a few weeks ago and they took off.  She will be transplanting them soon too as they need more space and it is still a few weeks before they go outside.

Volunteer Petunias


  1. "Agriculture" is about what's cropping up and growing on. The source of food.

    Two dogs and their antics (as well as the antics of their master) is "culture." The source of stories, and memoies.

  2. Wow!

    Sounds great. Hope you're enjoying yourself.

    Global climate change has brought us to the mid-70's in February in North Carolina.

    Yay US!

    Love ya,


  3. No signs of spring here yet. We are going to need it to come gradually so all this snow does not melt at once.


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