Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Computer and Internet

I figured it was a fair deal.  Lyuda and Valerie put in a real bathroom for me so I bought a computer for them.  Yesterday was the big day.  Of course it has Windows 7 which I had never seen or used and neither had Tanya. We are sticking to XP as long as we can.  And it was in Russian so I was truly flying blind when it came to helping.  I left it in Tanya's capable hands.

Today we got internet.  Sort of high-speed lite which means slow downloads of You Tube videos but low cost for unlimited time and downloads.  I sorted down my emails to less than 100 and answered a few, but have had no time to read blogs but will catch up another time.

People are lined up so I have to get off this thing.  I can't hook my own computer up to the internet yet but hope to tomorrow, maybe.

For late additions to my readership, if you go to the label Abakan Journey on my blog page you can get a good idea of our previous trips and see some of teh landscape and people.


  1. BF, get smart about this. Buy a Mac.

  2. Or, get smarter and buy something running linux. ;)

  3. Should send my resident computer geek over to wire the place sans wires. He's a wizard and also knows a bit of Russian.

  4. We have Windows XP on our desktop computers and Elaine has a new netbook with Windows 7. I wouldn't upgrade an old computer to Windows 7 but it seems good on a new computer.

  5. Violet, scroll to the last cartoon. Is that Coffee from a previous life?

    No Mac and no linux. One of my kids has a Mac and it has given her as much trouble as her Dell PC.

    I will likely go Windows 7 when I get a new laptop

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