Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home and Garden

The Blogging Muse seems to be still on holidays as he/she/it is no help at all in dropping ideas into my head.  Time to post some pictures, I guess, of Tanya's hard work paying off in beautiful flower beds well on their way to where she wants them to be in a couple of years.
When we got home, the fruit trees were all done blooming and are loaded with cherries and apples.  Our young trees, sour cherry and apricot are doing great and I will have to take some pictures of them come harvest.  The big old apricot tree we cut down because it was interfering with the gas line (above ground in Ukraine) has started regrowing and the branches have fruit this year.

Anyhow, here is the flower garden as of yesterday.

Front flower garden; yellow blaze is solid yellow iris bed

Climatus (sp?) third year

Blooms in the morning, petals fall off by noon, blooms again next morning

Tanya has several colour combinations, all pastels

Looking down from the balcony

Looking down from the balcony

Neighbourhood garden across the road from our house looking South

Neighbourhood garden across the road from us, looking North

Iris bouquet; no flash

Iris bouquet with flash.  This is what they actually look like.


  1. Gorgeous. She's done it again.

  2. Those who love gardening should do it, as it brings them joy. Those who do not love gardening should stay away from it, but can admire the gardens of others. As I do.

  3. MayB, in a few more years it will be an absolute "botanical garden". This fall we are buying a greenhouse.
    RB, that is me, too. I love HER garden and am so proud of it and of her but I stay completely away.

  4. That looks like a lot of work. Beautiful.


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