Sunday, May 15, 2011

Music Box Dancer

Tanya's niece, Ksenia, Luda and Valerie's youngest, is a 9 year old imp.  A miniature version of her father,  with almond eyes, freckles and a mischevous smile.  Top student in Grade 2 (equivalent of Grade 3 in Ukraine and Grade 4 in Canada) she lives to sing and dance.  I say that her eyes dance all the time and the rest of her just tries to keep up.  There are excellent voice and dance teachers in Belii Yar, something remaining from Soviet times when children and culture were important.  She has voice lessons weekly and dance lessons three times a week, including most of Sunday. Her mom volunteers at the dance school and makes all Ksenia's costumes, one sequin, one bead, one rinestone at a time.  We watched her group at a May 1 recital. They were awesome.

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