Sunday, May 15, 2011

Playing Dress-Up

Saturday we spent the afternoon with Alexii and Luda (Tanya's second cousin, mentioned a few posts back) and their youngest daughter Svetlana.  We had lunch at their apartment and then went to the park for coffee and ice cream.

Doctors run in the family.  Luda is a Psychologist.  Their son Oleg is a Neurologist and Svetlana at age 25 is a Pediatrician.  She recently received her PhD also and is working a month at a time in various hosptials around central Siberia bringing their medical staff up to speed on a new program that Russia has instituted.  She was home for the weekend from Krasnoyarsk and spent the day with four old people which was nice.

Luda and Tanya carried on like two teenagers.  At one point they were flat on their tummies on the sofa bed looking at albums from their school days.  Then Luda, who loves to sew, dug out out some dresses she had made, including some traditional Russian dresses and she and Tanya played dress up.  Tanya is a couple of cans of tomatoes and a plug of chewing tobacco wider than Luda (I like her that way) but all the dresses fit either of them.

The head dress with the devil's horns is traditionally worn by the mother of the groom at the wedding.

Svetlana did NOT wear her mother's dress.

The Eye-full Tower

Svetlana aka Joni Mitchel c 1970


  1. Looks like they were having a great time. They certainly have a lot of lively colours in the dresses.

  2. Thank you, I have colored long skirts! become more akin to Joni:))


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