Sunday, May 29, 2011

Little Albert and the Lion

Stanley Holloway (1890-1982) was a British actor and humorist, a "one-man walking comedy show" who made famous Little Albert Ramsbottom.  He first introduced the monologue in 1932.  I remember listening to it on the radio when I was young and never tired of it.  Today I found it again on YouTube.  Enjoy.

For those of you concerned about Little Albert, rest assured he was coughed up in the very next monologue, just as pa was collecting his life insurance and went on to star in 14 more, including many during the war.  You can find them all on YouTube


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  2. Was he important enough to get air time on the CBC?

  3. CBC's Gilmour's Albums was one place I heard him often.
    And also on CJNB - Harry Dekkar loved him too.

  4. The name is familiar but I just can't place him. Used to listen to the Lone Ranger on radio as a kid. Oops my age is showing.

  5. I've seen Holloway in movies, the old Early Show, Late Show and Late, Late Show on CBS, mostly likely. They used to run lots of American and British films from the 1930's-1940's.

    That monologue is funny, in an understated British way.

  6. SW, it really is, and I expect for the Brits who actually know stereotypical Ramsbottoms, it was hilarious.


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