Monday, May 5, 2014

But Life Goes On

It rained last night.  Today the green of the earth stands out against the black of the soil.  There are a few blooms in Tanya's garden though the tulips, daffodils and lace peonies are pretty well done.  The rose bushes are starting to grow; we lost all the climbing roses last winter and they are coming from the roots now. The petunias and geraniums are all transplanted.  Sunday saw a few more flowers added in, purchased at the local market.

The kitchen garden is looking wonderful.  Better than last year.  Potato bugs finished off some tomatoes but they have been replaced and all sprayed. Corn, cucs, melons and squash are all up too.

The tulip pictures are from April 23.  They sort of inserted themselves where they felt like it.  Tanya took the pictures...hmmmm...

Bonya walks the line
Tulips from two weeks ago

Tigritsa stalks something in the grass
Grey skies; green fields
Neighbour's potato patch front centre

Front flower bed - lots of greenery anyhow

Front flowerbed exactly opposite above picture 

Side flower bed from the street

Side flowerbed from the back

Our lawn needs cutting, when it dries up, maybe tomorrow

Kitchen garden, main veggies
Flowers from a couple weeks ago

All vines in the back corner
Tulips from a couple weeks ago
All corn in the top centre


  1. Wow - what a verdant place. Your front garden looks like a little bit of Eden.

  2. Wow! If I didn't know about the political situation where you are, I'd envy you. We just had a foot of snow over the weekend and everything is still white today. Sigh. But I'll take snow over war any day... just saying.

  3. Yeah, we live in the Garden of Eden...with guns

    1. This made me laugh more than I should have.


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