Monday, May 5, 2014

Ukraine - Propaganda War

The anti-Ukraine Russian led militants have their martyrs.  The exact details of who did what to whom that led to the deaths of the 30 odd people inside the Trade Union Centre are irrelevant. The anti-Ukraine side are spinning it that the victims were forced inside by the Kyiv led fascists and who then set the building on fire.  This is the version that Russian propaganda will milk and "We will not forget Odessa" will be the "Remember the Alamo" of the terrorists.

The conduct of the Odessa police is certainly called into question.  They were "in-conference" for two hours after the pro-Russian thugs attacked the football fans on their march.  This site has a video showing the riot police protecting the pro-Russian side while from behind them one of the militants is using a Kalashnikov.  It also gives yet another version of events.

Yesterday, a pro-Russian crowd of 1000 to 3000 (depending who you read) attacked the police station forcing the release of prisoners taken after the fight. They were to have been transferred to Kyiv but prosecutor reportedly stopped it.   42 prisoners had been transferred and were not released.

The anti-terrorist operation in the east also seems to have ground to a halt. Dmitry Tymchuk's military blog is a good assessment of what is wrong in all of Kyiv's attempts to maintain control of the situation in Ukraine - lack of leadership in the military, mixed loyalties on the part of the police and total infiltration of all levels of law enforcement by Russian sympathizers.

Considering that until February 20, Ukraine was in many ways under Russian influence, it is understandable impossible to sort out and create a loyal, non-corrupt  law enforcement and judiciary overnight.

Russia appears to be winning not only the war on the ground but more importantly the propaganda war.  They have had quite a number of years advantage in this regard, including 70 years experience in the Soviet system.  Putin controls virtually all media in Russia and new laws mean that the internet is now included.  The Great Firewall of China has become the Iron Curtain of Russia.

Countries with Russian speaking minorities made a gave mistake at independence in not establishing Russian language TV channels. They were so focused on re-establishing their own language after decades of repression that they forgot about the speakers of the colonizer's language.  Russia did not forget about them and Russian TV channels freely available in all of the former USSR and Warsaw pact countries.  Since these were the same channels that Russian speakers were used to, they continued to watch them.

Russia has used this fact with great effect to sow discord and dissatisfaction among ethnic Russians who found themselves on the "wrong side of the border".  In the Baltics and eastern Ukraine they have been constantly telling ethnic Russians how hard done by they are by the governments of the countries in which they live.  And many of them are quite receptive to this.

They are like the Texan with the inferiority complex who didn't think he was any better than anyone else.  The ethnic Russians are finding out that they are no better than anyone else and consider it to be discrimination.  They used to be in charge; their language and the Russian version of history used to be official.  No longer and they are bitter.  (Think about white males in America).

Part of the problem in eastern Ukraine is that they no longer run the country.  Under Yanukovych all cabinet ministers were from eastern or central Ukraine, including 10 from Donetsk, none from western Ukraine.  (They may have been criminals and they may have robbed the East worst of all but they were THEIR criminals). Today the situation is reversed.  Cabinet ministers are all from western or central Ukraine, including 10 from L'viv with none from eastern Ukraine. WELL!!!!

Anyone familiar with the garbage spewed by both left and right wing media in America and Canada which is eagerly gobbled up by the true believers should not be shocked to learn that people actually believe the stuff on Russian TV.

The Fascist regime in Kyiv is building concentration camps in eastern Ukraine for ethnic Russians and anyone opposing their government.  This from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
"We are deeply concerned about the information spread by mass media about the construction of large temporary detention centres for thousands of persons in Ukraine, supposedly for illegal immigrants. Ukraine does not have that many illegal immigrants, while the buildings being construct, according to mass media, remind of Nazi concentration camps. It pushes to question if the Kyiv regime is going to use them for locking up the dissenting people of South East Ukraine".

Ukraine has actually been forced to rebut it though of course that doesn't cut much ice with those who believe they are building "death camps".

"The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship consider it necessary to officially clarify that in September 2009 Ukraine and EU started a collaborative project «Re-admit », which involves construction of two temporary detention centres for illegal immigrants — in Donetsk and Mykolayiv Regions. Each of the centres will be able to host up to 100 illegal immigrants at a time. Currently the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has two facilities to host illegal immigrants: in Volyn and Chernihiv Regions. These facilities can host up to 165 and 208 persons and are situated near western and northern borders of Ukraine Construction of similar centres in Donetsk and Mykolayiv Regions will allow reducing the cost of delivering the illegal immigrants caught in eastern and southern regions of Ukraine to the detention facilities. It should also be noted that these facilities are only for aliens and stateless persons who broke migration laws and are subjects to compulsory deportation from Ukraine."

For other goofy things swallowed whole in eastern Ukraine read HERE.

Do not read this if extremely gruesome pictures bother you.  This is how the fire in Odessa is being spun by Russian propaganda.  If you only see Russian, there is a link at the top to English as well.  There must be an independent investigation.

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