Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's Cartoon

Salesman: One meter, (one) kiss.
Girl: (I) will (take) three, and my grandmother will pay.


  1. Well, men are the same the world over, are we not?

  2. The caption is Ukrainian which is a bit diferent than Russian no?
    Here it would be the whole bolt for a good time. Of course this cartoon wouldn't make it over here, too politically incorrect.

  3. Snowbrush - Women are the same too, though they don't all look and dress like the Russian/Ukrainian girls. But they understand men. That is why they can lead us around by the..uh, um..nose.
    Demeur - Yes, and there is enough difference that Ukrainians can understand Russian but Russians "cannot" understand Ukrainian. You should see the cartoons I DON'T print. And this is just a free local rag with mostly advertising.

  4. There is justice in the world. The woman knows it.