Tuesday, September 16, 2008

God didn’t make little green apples

Fruit trees are nice in spring when they blossom. Then I wish they would go away until next spring. They litter the ground with fallen fruit. Yes, I enjoyed the cherries (about 10% of production) and the apricots (about 0.5%), don’t get me wrong. But the ground is covered with fruit we can’t pick or don’t need.

Then there are the apple trees. Twenty years ago, fresh from Siberia, Tanya planted this vast orchard, with only a half vast notion of what would happen. There are ten apple trees. From the time apples first start forming the ground is littered with little green apples. They aren’t ready to pick until mid-late September so we endure the windfalls, rake them up and haul them by the wheelbarrow load to our compost heap. We picked two pails full yesterday of the ripest ones from two small trees. The third tree, which is 50 feet tall and covered with apples, we will harvest later and the rest can fall off in their own time.


  1. You can chop the hell out of them like I did mine. It only grew one apple. And I liked that.

  2. And it don't rain in Indianapolis, in the summer time.


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