Monday, September 8, 2008

Varicose, Sundried and Assordid Happenings

1. Consulting report is finished, at least the second draft and sent to the boss for proofing before it goes to the client. The client is a good proofreader in his own right but since he is paying, deserves at least a semi-professional piece of writing. It has some good optionsin it and should move the process along. Every gold mine in an agricultural area with a sense of social responsibility needs a Livestock Specialist once in a while to assess projects to help the industry.

2. Kuchma is put out every night. (Why he catches fire every day is a different matter but I digress…) Sunday morning we looked out the window and there he was, passed out in the ditch like a common drunk, sleeping it off in the warm sunshine. When we opened the door, he revived and came in for food and more naps.

3. My cousin, DC Power, (well, at least he isn’t AC-DC) is a pro at digitally repairing damaged photos. He repaired an old photograph of Tanya at 5 years of age that I had scanned and emailed to him. The look is serious (the “Russian” smile) but there is a hint of a smile in the corners of her mouth that gives away the mischievous girl behind the mask.

4. Saturday Tanya got up at 8:00 and by noon had made bliny, perogi, buns and chicken stew. Andrew, Tanya and Masha came for the afternoon and for supper all that was left was the chicken stew.

5. Yesterday the engine warning light came on. The car didn’t seem to have as much power lately but I thought if it was serious Andrei would have noticed it. Today Andrei and I took the car to the only computer diagnostic service in town. Fouled spark plugs from bad gasoline. Though we buy “95 Octane” all the time, one never really knows. They don’t call it benzene for nothing here and the 80 Octane stuff the old beaters burn is actually benzene. Pulled and sandblasted the plugs and the Kia runs like new. Cost $24 CAD.

6. Today we took three carpets to be steam cleaned. Small enough that I could carry them. Cost $48 CAD. There are only two steam cleaners in town. I told Andrei it would be a good business but he says ZV is too small to support three of them.

7. Today was the 31st birthday of Andrei’s Tanya. We went for lunch where I met Tanya’s Babushka Galya for the first time. What an awesome lady. Very Russian, from Moscow originally. Eyes and smile full of fun. Still young at 77 but finds it difficult to get around as her legs are very bad. But she will come and visit us soon, she says.

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