Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Food Prices

Yesterday being the first of the month, we drove into Zhovti Vody and pulled some cash out of an ATM; 1000 hrivna (UAH) which took $236.40 CAD from my bank account. This is getting too close to 4 hrivna per dollar when we used to figure 5 to the dollar. Not good. The Hrivna is holding its value with the Euro, while the Canadian dollar is pretty much tied to the American dollar which has been dropping.

We put 200 hrivna of gasoline (pay in advance), at 6.40/litre or $1.51 CAD, into the car, which was running on fumes. Then we paid up our mobile phone and internet accounts for September which took another 500 hrivna, and then we went for groceries. We came home with 40 hrivna.

Here are some more grocery prices.

And by the way, Kuchma is not fussy about his new cat food but Dyevatka (9th) grocery store does not stock his regular Kit-E-Kat so he will have to make do until we go to ATB grocery store or to Metro in Dnipropetrovs'k.


  1. And still I can't figure out why you live in the Ukraine? Did I miss something? I NEED TO KNOW because curiosity is the number one killer of nibby people.

  2. He married the one woman in Ukraine who DIDN'T want to live in Canada. Also, his kids couldn't stand him here any more!!! Tee hee. Kidding.

  3. May-b, good answer! Good answer!

    Dana, I have a wondeful wife. I like Ukraine and Ukrainians. Irish and Ukrainians have similar histories, with English and Russians for neighbours. Home is where I can get (highspeed) internet. And my kids insisted (just kidding).


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