Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday, Captain sober*

Andrei’s Tanya is here with Masha today. Masha will come to see her Babushka as long as Maxim is visiting next door. Maxim brought Tanya another African Violet, a different colour he says. He worships Tanya. Any time an adult asks and takes an 8-year-old’s advice, as Tanya does about flowers, they make a friend for life. Tanya has slipped a geranium for him. He will be thrilled.

As I write, Tanya and Tanya (Is that Double Tanya or Tanya Squared?) are out picking apples again. Andrei’s Tanya is 180 cm tall and 50 kg so she can safely climb the fully extended ladder and reach the next level of apples. I have no idea where they are putting them as we filled all the boxes yesterday. I helped at first but it is pretty boring and I thought we had enough apples anyhow.

Our neighbour Zhenia brought home his new car. I guess he changed his mind about the Chevy Aveo. He bought a (Renault) Dacia Logan 4-door sedan. Reminds me a bit of the Chevy Biscayne of my youth that traded at about $1200. This is a stripped down, plain-Jane no frills car; 1.4 litre engine, standard, no air, no radio, no power windows or locks. $11,000 USD. He is swinging into his yard and just clipped the left front quarter panel on the gate, scraping the paint. He was upset!! Tanya was over looking at it when it happened and came home immediately so she could laugh. Now I don’t feel so bad, having done the same thing, turning into our garage with our new car.

*Captain’s log entry for Friday: First mate drunk on duty. The blog title was the Mate’s log entry for the next day. Excellent spin. He could have worked on an election campaign.

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  1. Pops, I'm so glad that we're not the only ones who can't go in and out of parking locations without damaging vehicles.

    Miss you lots, daddy-o.


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