Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who Reads My Blog?

I don't read a lot of blogs. Partly I don't have time and partly my Internet connection is so slow. I read my kid's blogs and my cousin's and one of my former neighbour's who is sort of family and one of my kids' friend's, who has been in Ireland these past two years but just blogged she is going back to Canada, having finished her MA.

And one blog of a "friend I haven't met", that I enjoy, just because it is so well written. Dana Wyzard's LIFE IS GOOD. It is funny. It is heart wrenching. It is beautiful. It is Dana!

But who reads my blog? There is a little map in the upper left corner of my blog which allegedly keeps track of the number of people who read my blog and where they live. It is archived monthly. So today being the last of September, I thought I'd look and see where my readers were. All 409 of them this month.

Some of the red dots I can identify. Kids, relatives and friends. In many places in the world. But there are hits from all over the globe that I can't account for. How did you find me and why do you read it? I am curious. My kids and a few friends are the only ones who comment on even a semi-regular basis.

I know there are programs that search for key words. Someone from Washington who had been here 15 or 20 years ago contacted me when Zhovte Vodi tripped his program trigger. I flushed a couple of foaming-at-the-mouth nutbars a few months ago with an editorial. I expect there are one-hit wonders that stumbled over my blog by accident and never came back.

Please, I would love to hear from my readers from all over.


  1. Here it is. Time for confession, that I am a stalker and read your blog on a regular basis. Even though I have not commented before, I read your posts to help stay connected and to learn a little about the Ukraine. So hello from Saskatoon,

    Sonja and David(who does not actually read it)

  2. I bet some of them are accidental tourists. Or really shy.

  3. I bet most are soon to be foaming at the mouth nutbars.


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