Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cold Spring

We have had two nights of -4C and tonight will be another cold one. Everything is late this spring. The dafodills are blooming, a few tulips and the dark blue mini-iris but the cherry trees are slow which may save them from frost damage. There are a few in bloom but they look pretty ragged. It will not be a good year for fruit, I am afraid.

Our poor old apricot tree which should be bursting with life is pretty well dried up and dead. There are a few branched way up high with a few blooms but other than that, no leaf buds. It is old, 20 years, which Tanya says is about its life span. Last year every branch was bowed down with fruit. The tree was loaded with wonderful juicy apricots. Did the final burst of fruit deplete its reserves so it couldn't recover? Or did it "know" and make one last valiant effort to leave behind the makings of many new trees?

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