Monday, April 27, 2009

Finally Spring or even Summer?

Today hit 27C. Warmest day so far. I started water on the garden this evening using a sprinkler. It was a fight to keep Tanya from putting a nozzel on the hose and standing there for four hours hand watering. She gets the surface wet and moves on while i want a deep soaking so it lasts a few days.

The cows have been going to pasture again, starting last week. The green grass must be a welcome change to winter's meagre fare of poor quality feed. They go past our house early in the morning and come home about six or seven in the evening. The goats are also tethered out. The little ones run free. Last year the pups were frightened to death by a blat from a nanny, so this year they still treat goats with respect. I hope it sticks.

Tanya says the swallows are back. So we have to start leaving our window open to our passageway/greenhouse so they can access their nest. Last year two sets of them raised five little ones in one nest. I will post pictures of this year's babies too as things progress. It was fun watching them grow up and then fly out on their own. Kuchma the cat will be banned from there.

Speaking of Kuchma, his girl friend, the white cat from next door, has a litter of kittens somewhere. Lucia hasn't found them yet. She is threatening to give some of them to us for harbouring their deadbeat dad.


  1. Yup. Sounds like spring all right. And probably not a moment too early. Won't be summer until you get a week of 30° or more.

    We were out working in the yard this evening. Since we're so close to the river (and are on historic river-bottom land), our soil is very silty, and dries out very quickly. It's supposed to rain on Friday, but we may have to turn on the sprinkler before that.

    Are Bobik and Volk still getting along reasonably?

  2. Yes, the mutts are behaving. My friend Bill Stovin and another dog trainer think it is because at the last fight, I laid down the law. But last night Volk was keeping Bobik away from the dog dish that still had food left in it. I'm going to have to start designating His and His dishes.

  3. It's snowing here. I hate you.

    Also, the other dog trainer? Works as a receptionist at my chiropractor office. She asked me today if I knew you. I said no.

    Two dishes is better. It helps.

  4. I have four dishes. Two with dry dog food and two for leftovers and other goodies. I gave them pieces of a pig's head to chew on yesterday. They were happy.


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