Thursday, April 30, 2009


One of my month end pension checks finally arrived, so yesterday we went for groceries and a whole bunch of other stuff. $200 worth of groceries. We were out of everything. The fridge was as empty as the inside of my head. Our next meal would have been bannock as we had oil, flour, water, salt and baking soda.

Plus put money on our phones, plus bought food for the dogs. They ate wheat porridge for two days. And chicken gizzards. They have to be bribed to go back in their pen after our walks so I buy cheap treats for them. Liver sausage, chicken necks, chicken gizzards and give them each about 4 little bits once they are safely back in the yard and the gate latched.

We had a good time at Truskavets but didn't keep enough money back to last the rest of the month. Holidays do that. At least the internet company, the filling station and the big grocery store take MasterCard.

FX (UAH/CAD) at the bank machine was 6.26 and on my MC 6.30. Not bad.

It is dry. We are watering everything and it takes time, with so much garden and flower beds. We have two taps for watering. One is inside the passageway/greenhouse, withthe hose running out the door. Hoses do not come with built on connections here. To attach to the tap, one screws on a connector and clamps the hose onto it. The connection was leaking. I fixed it. While Tanya was watering it blew off and before she got to it, flooded the room. I was not popular. She threatened to call Yuri. I redid the connection and tightened the clamps extra hard. So far it is holding. So far.

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  1. Technically, regarding the water line break, does this mean you "blew" it or Tanya "blew" it? Or are you equally responsible? (One of life's imponderables?)


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