Sunday, April 26, 2009

Free Lense PhotoGraphic

My friend Alf married a wonderful girl from Ukraine (for which he blames me). Svetlana followed him to Canada where he was gainfully employed which (unlike pensions) was not transferrable to Ukraine. Both are amazing photographers, with an eye for the unusual. Sveta (Pani Zumpanova) is an incredible portrait photographer, especially of children. They spent over a year traveling the world and are having an exhibition of their photos at Atlantis Coffee in Regina from May 4th to July 5th. As you can see, Sveta is also a marvel at Adobe Photoshop on her Mac notebook.

Free Lense PhotoGraphic is holding a new photo exhibit called 'Glimpses of the World' During a 14 month journey through 17 countries across Europe, India, Polynesia and the Far East. Svetlana and Alf saw and photographed the uniqueness of places, people, architecture and naturethat are a must to see. This exhibit displays the grandeur of Rome to the peaceful tranquility of the backwaters of southern India.Atlantis Coffee Victoria Ave. and Hamilton St. are host to this exhibit from May 4th to July 5th, so why not come and enjoy your favourite tea or coffee and feast your eyes on images that will inspire you to go out and see your own 'Glimpses of the World'.

Svetlana & Alf
Free Lense PhotoGraphic

PS - They are also doing May-B's wedding photos.

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