Monday, April 13, 2009

They may call the Wind Mariah...

But here they call the water Naftusia. Naftusia water is THE miracle water that brings tens of thousands of people to Truskavets every year. There is a central “pump house” (or maybe several?) where everyone goes to drink their assigned amount of water. It is dispensed in 50 ml doses from 100 mls to 250 mls by hundreds of electronic taps like Mcdonalds soft drinks. I was assigned 200 mls one hour before meals and 100 mls 30 minutes after. The water has a sulphurous smell and slight oily taste. My tummy has felt queasy since we got here.

It is a 15 minute walk downhill from Pivdennii to the water hole. We didn’t always have time to walk down so bought a thermos to bring a supply back to our room. The picture below gives all the claims for this wonderful aqua of which there is none like it anywhere else on earth, of course. My association with the purebred beef industry taught me to recognize hi-tech BS when I see or hear it and the jargon seemed somehow familiar.

Is there any sound scientific proof that this water does all this stuff? Not likely and none needed. One gets the same circular argument as from the Chinese when you ask why people believe in doing certain obviously ridiculous superstitious things. We do it because it works. How do you know it works? Well, it must work because we’ve been doing it for thousands of years. End of discussion.
The water from three other springs is also described. I was struck by the method of expressing the chemical formulae of the mineralization. My chemistry is a little rusty but the general idea was easily understood. I assume M is molarity?


  1. Pump rooms?!?! Boom. Instantly transported to Jane-Austen Era Bath.
    I thought that stuff went out with Victorian hypochondria. It sounds like you're in a sci-fi, but old-timey novel.

  2. I can't quit see the ingredients but if it has sulfur you may want to invest in a can of air freshener. You just might be able to give that stool sample from across the room. If you know what I mean. :-)

  3. This is scary stuff. I think it is distributed here under the brand name Liquid Plumber.

  4. I'm having a blast here in Truskavets!
    Actually the water smells sulphury but does not have the lethal doses that the deep well water on our farm had. When I was a kid, our well water was so high in mineral we had to cut it off at the tap with an axe and chew it.

  5. Hmmmm . . . Brings a whole new meaning to the term "watering hole."

    I wonder if this sort of thing would work at Buffalo Pound? Not likely,I suppose.

  6. If we could persuade folks to BELIEVE that Buffalo Pound water cured all, we could build a spa there too.


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