Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crowding everything and everyone in a few days

Along with visiting with #1 Son and DIL, we had coffee with friends Duane and Joan from Lacombe. Duane's research on winter grazing has done a great deal to lower the cost of wintering cattle in western Canada. We go back about 35 years. Then we went to visit Lorna and Jim, who were our neighbours in Kindersley 30 years ago and retired to Sylvan Lake. Our kids used to sneak over to their place to watch the Soaps at the age of three and five.

#1 Son invited a couple of his friends from work, Yuri and Ivan, from Cherkassy working on contract with a year left to go. Tanya had a good visit with them. They were home on holidays this year and are anxious to go home for good.

Yesterday #1 Son, Tanya and I drove to Regina, got in at 10:00 pm to my cousin's DC Power. DC had done the honours at our wedding so we are getting revenge by staying with him till
Sunday. May-B and Ky were here waiting for us. So good to see my girls.

Ky had just got in from London a couple days earlier. She had presented at some academic literary conference and is now reading for her comprehensive exams in a month or so. LynnieC drove Edmonton to Saskatoon last night arriving at 2:00 am and will drive in this morning. Then I will have seen all my kids.

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  1. Gee, d'ya think there happy to see you? Maybe that's the reason for the crowding.


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