Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two days left

Friday we fly out to Istanbul. Our contact there emailed Tanya's friend that the airport is high and dry, regardless of the state of the rest of the city. Heavy rains and major floods. All we get are hot dry winds. I guess faced with a choice of being swept away and drowning as 23 people have been so far, I'll stay with the wind.

Finished my report today and resigned from the project. I hope I get paid, is all. The report will never reach the popularity of "The Little Mermaid" but it is certainly in the same genre. It felt like I was actively discouraged from sourcing and verifying data. There is enough PFS (Pulled from Sky) assumptions in prefeasibility studies at best of times but to encourage it?

A couple of days ago, Tanya and I set out to buy her birthday present - a brooch to complete her dress for May-B's wedding. She found two she liked for about the same price. $120. A gold bar with diamond chips and a filigree gold leaf with diamond chips. I liked the filigree leaf so she bought that. The jeweler has to write the purity of the gold on the receipt. When we got home, Tanya looked at the tag that came with the brooch and the purity of gold marked on the tag was less than that marked on the receipt.

Warpath. We went back to the jewelry shop and she got her money back. The woman who worked there had warned the jeweler that Tanya would be back when she saw the discrepancy in the two purity levels. We went to another shop and she found the exact same gold bar brooch that she liked for 40% less. Happiness.


  1. Holy crap. That is not cool. I'm glad that Tanya went back.

    See you soon!!!

  2. OK; nobody crosses Tanya. (We got that message a long time ago; at least she's consistent.)

    Puppies saw their doc today. Update is at the usual chrome location.

    Safe travels! BTW, why Istanbul, instead of Frankfurt, or Paris, or Amsterdam?

  3. Cheapest flight we could find was Turkish Airlines, incl overnight in Istanbul.

    So far no direct Dnipro-Toronto flights but maybe next year.

    If we went home for OCT we could have round trip from Kyiv for $400 USD each on Aerosvit.

    Fly WestJet to TO on sale and Aerosvit to Ukraine (TO-Kyiv) when you come to visit.


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