Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Visiting Number ONE Son and DIL

My son picked us up at the airport in Calgary, and we drove to Red Deer. Dead tired as we had been up 24 hours and more by then. Next day we went with the kids to a beer-league slow pitch tournamant. Their team had made it into the second round but got blown out of the water in no uncertain terms, which is what they had figured. Number ONE DIL had two good hits and a couple good plays at the plate (she is backcatcher) and Number ONE son had a couple good hits and some good plays at shortstop so we were all happy to have been there to watch.

At 1:00 we headed to visit Doddlebug Dawson and Dawson's Mom, Dad and Brother. Well fed with both lunch and supper, we could see no reason Dawson's Mom shouldn't cook us breakfast too, but then politeness overwhelmed us and we left just before dark. It was good to see more family. Dawson is doing so well, down to one seizure a week, learning to read and still able to get into more trouble in 10 minutes than two people can keep her out of in a week. She gets her dog sometime in April which should be pretty exciting.

Today Tanya and DIL went shopping. Son and I did a couple of minor repairs and then watched a movie and napped. My favourite kind of visit. Steak on the BBQ almost ready so will sign off by saying GALD to be back in Canada with FAMILY.


  1. Gald? Have you forgotten how to speak English now that you're a Roosky?

  2. Oh give the guy a break. After being on a flight and up 24 hrs he's lucky to put complete sentences together. I know I couldn't.

  3. Doodlebug Dawsyn and family were glad (not gald) to have you visit! Her Mom is happy to cook for the Hingston Crew ANYTIME!! Hope you are feeling more rested and that all goes well for the rest of your time in Canada.

  4. Sounds like people are actually happy to see you, BF. Fancy that!

    Also sounds like you're fitting right back in at "home."

    Sounds like good news. As it should be.


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