Wednesday, September 23, 2009

May-B and The Guy Tie the Knott

Saturday, my daughter May-B and The Guy got married (for the second time this summer). The day was hot +32 C*, the church and hall were small and not air conditioned, but the service and reception were short, sweet and direct to the point. May-B was lovely and so were her sisters. Her brother-of honour is one big dude and looks too much like his old man to be handsome but did his best.

The Guy is now family and he fits in like it was planned from the beginning of time. We have great new in-laws and friends which can only improve our reputation. Only sour note is that the Roughriders lost to the Eskimos on Sunday. The kids and a bunch of their friends went to Vegas Monday for the honeymoon. Go figure.

The pictures are not in chronological order because for some reason I can't move them around on my laptop like I can on my desk top. Also the couple pics and wedding party pics are all done by pros and we don't have them yet so you'll have to wait for those shots

The Guy's family

Two down and two to go.

Blog Fodder Family

Wedding cake and Football cake too.

Down the Aisle We Go!

Waiting at the Front of the Church

*#1DIL said it was 75 degrees colder when she and #1 Son got married in January five years ago.


  1. So, where did they get married the first time?

    BTW, you do look like you could be Ukrainian MOB. As befits you phone number.

    Congratulations all around! Bronwyn looks wonderful.

  2. North Battleford. See link to her blog for details and explanations.

  3. I object! I think the Brother-of-Honor is very handsome!

  4. Rob is totally right. You do look like Ukrainian mafia. Cute as a button though!

  5. You and your son make remarkable book ends!!! And Tanya looked fabulous!!


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