Saturday, September 26, 2009

Regina-Victoria in 6 Days

We are so busy traveling there is no time to blog.

Sunday after the wedding we had brunch with friends from Regina, then met another Regina couple at the museum in Moose Jaw for the afternoon. Alf and Sveta had never been there and I wanted to show Tanya the Avro Anson Bomber that #1 Son had helped restore when he was about 10 years old. Our friend Tony had been an airframe mechanic during the war and knowing my son's interest in WWII aircraft, took him along. then we drove in pouring rain to Rosetown to my brother's in time to help celebrate his youngest granddaughter's second birthday.

Monday we visited my Aunt (Mom's sister) and cousin in Kindersley, then another Aunt (Mom's other sister) and another cousin in Denzil. Both Aunts are in their 80's and are the last of all my aunts and uncles. We hit Edmonton at about 10:00 and my friend and shirt-tail relative Wilf was glad to see us and found us a bed.

Tuesday, LynnieC came over to visit about 9:30 pm (after class and after choir). Wednesday we went to West Edmonton Mall and shopped till our feet got sore, then picked up LynnieC after class, went for supper and then watched a movie at her place while she worked. As she said, it was a bad week to visit and until next April, when she finishes her Masters in Library and Information Studies, they are all bad weeks.

Thursday we headed out on the Yellowhead to Jasper then took 93 south through the mountains to Banff. First time I drove that route and we stopped to take pictures whenever Tanya wanted. She said it was "rest for her heart" to see such beautiful scenery and next time we should take five days to make the trip so she could see all the side trails. By the time we got to Golden, we were beat and stopped at the first hotel and crashed.

Tanya loves the mountains and our drive the next day frm Golden to Victoria decided that she could live in mountains. Not me. I like to look straight ahead and see sky, not straight up.

My idea of where to live

Tanya could live surrounded by mountains

We got into Victoria and arrived at Ky's about 10:00 Friday night. Driving strange Victoria streets in the dark is not my idea of a good time but we found our way. My little dog Vicki recognized me immediately. Ky, Maryanne and Chris were waiting supper for us. Ate and crashed. Too long a day.

Learned one thing. If the car engine is two squirrels and a chipmonk in a running wheel, an automatic transmission just doesn't cut it for mountain driving. Need a five speed manual shift, much as Ihate them. I missed my Kia standard on the climbs.


  1. I'm with Tanya. I LOVE the mountains. Joe loves the ocean. But flat land? Oh darlin'. Flat land is so....FLAT.

  2. You know I'm with you on the issue of flat land. It's nice having mountains around for novelty's sake, and I'm glad we at least are able to focus our eyes a little further out at parts of the ocean, but boy do I miss the prairies.

    I'm glad we have you around for a few days!

  3. In Victoria? You're a few hours up the road from me. Don't push too hard or you'll need a vacation from your vacation.

  4. I love mountains to visit but feel hemmed in. Ocean is good as it is flat too. Prairie is good - flat all around. Fort Collins, CO is ideal. Rocky Mountain national park to the west and a clear view "to the Mississippi" to the East.

    I agree, we need a vacation from our vacation but I guess we can sleep at home when we get there.

  5. Calgary might fit your ideal landscape as well, though the view to the prairies in the east is at times obscured by dust from construction activities and currently harvest from thousands of combines...

  6. Just north of Calgary is perfect! Not nearly so much construction, great mountain view to the west and endless prairies to the east ... and, well, ME of course! Bonus, I got to see a great big bull moose on my way home from dropping the kids off at school today.

  7. Have a safe trip back home Dad. Sure was nice to see you again. We'll talk as soon as you get home, ok? Love you.


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