Thursday, September 17, 2009

I still get no respect

We stopped at a Chinese buffet in Saskatoon for supper. Parked beside a blue mini van with collision damage on the back right corner. Tanya wondered to Graeme if it had been my van at one time.

My cousin DC Power has been on oxygen for the past few years. He has a long tube from the main tank in his bedroom that gives him the run of the house. Otherwise he uses a portable system. The tube was all sort of coiled up in the hall, hooked to DC's traech as he was standing at the end of the hall. May-B is hauling our suitcase down to the spare room.
"I won't cut off your oxygen with the suitcase, Uncle DC...but after my dad has been here for a few days you will want to do it yourself".


  1. Or maybe you just get the respect you deserve. Who knows you better than your family?

  2. Ahem.....I take it that Bronwein has your number.

  3. Bronwyn has had my number since forever. At the wedding she gave credit to her parents for their financial and moral support as she was growing up..."Of course, none of that was from my dad".

  4. Yup!

    Didn't someone say something about getting the respect you deserve?


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