Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lena's Mom

Lena's Mom, Ludmilla,  will likely come home from hospital tomorrow.  She had her right leg amputated well up the thigh about two weeks ago, just after I left for Kazakhstan.  Severe diabetes had so destroyed the circulation that if she had not had the operation, gangrene would have killed her.  Eventually.  She did not want the operation.  The pain was so bad, she just wanted to die.  But the pain was finally too much for her and she consented.

Not an easy choice, as this country is pure hell for anyone less than able bodied.  The doctor's tried several meds to see if they would dissolve the blood clots but it was far too late.  This should have been dealt with several years ago.  No money.

She now has a new raft of troubles, with only one leg, but constant excruciating pain isn't one of them.  She is sleeping nights.  She is learning to walk on crutches.  Roman has rigged handles over her bed to help her.  She can borrow a wheel chair until the system gets the paperwork done to provide one.  Her pension will increase and half her meds will be paid for.

Maybe she will even smile again, one of these days.


  1. I'm glad to hear that she's able to sleep and isn't in as much pain any more. I'll be praying for her. Love you, Dad.

  2. Sometimes the hardest choices are still the right ones. Glad she's doing better and will be home soon.

  3. She didn't get to go home. This morning her wound was seriously infected. New antibiotic but will it work? Lena and Tanya are worried. Tanya will go to visit Luda tomorrow and see what can be done.

  4. And you have the kind if health care Stephen Harper wants of Canada. Scary.

  5. RB, a user pay system is intended to put health care beyond the reach of 25% of the population and thus shorten waiting times. Unlike Ukraine, regardless of who pays, in Canada one would still have confidence in the diagnosis and treatment, in the quality of care and the efficacy of drugs prescribed.


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