Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mom L Turns 90

The World's Best Grandma and Mother-in-Law turns 90 today.  Mom L joins her sisters J (93) and M (92) in completing 9 decades and beginning a 10th.  While she can hide her own Easter eggs, she is still bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and spry enough to live on her own with her little black dog.

Her life has been devoted to looking after everyone else.  She is generous to a fault with her own money but constantly worries about how much you are spending on her.  She is loving and forgiving; encouraging and supporting; kind and gentle.

All she wanted for her birthday was for all her friends and relatives to call her and tell her how much they loved her.  So I called her this morning at 8:00 her time and did just that.


  1. Your kids have some longevity in their genes! There is a gal in my home town - 98 years old - living are her younger sister at 94 and her older sister at 109! She and her husband celebrated 75 years of marriage before he died.

  2. Grandma looks so lovely in that picture, Dad! Good job of editing out the background, too.

    She is one spry ol' lady. Lyn and I gave her a call either yesterday or Sunday, I forget which (we also have bad memories in our genes, too, it seems) to wish her an early happy birthday.

  3. I just talked to her and she was thrilled that you called her. She also mentioned that Grae had called. She didn't mention that Ky or Lyn had. Apparently we're not as special as you guys.

  4. Ugh. Does that mean I should call her again? But I'm watching Gossip Girl.

  5. When I married my husband I warned him that the women on both sides of my family live well-past 90. He said that was okay, the men in his family die young!

  6. Ins - yes, they come from a family of long livers, as my grandfather would put it.
    K, L and MB - you are just as important to her but far more faithful in phoning and visiting perhaps so not as noteworthy?
    DM - "Until death do us part" is goal setting?


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