Sunday, January 10, 2010

Conspiracy Theories that Proved to be True

I am a firm believer that much of what happens we will never know about, nor the causes, nor the results because there are those who stand to gain in positions to manipulate.  And just in case you think all conspiracy theories are nuts, well, read this and watch the various videos.  May-B sent me the link.

It is a far more scary world than you thought. 


  1. There is truth to be found in every rumor, theory or office gossip. If I can't do anything about it, I just stick my head under the blankets and picture midgets riding on monkeys. It makes me smile.

  2. Gee Fodder now they don't have to do it undercover. They can go and rob entire countries with congressional approval.

  3. I wish I could ignore it. Nothing infuriates me more than corruption and outright lies. They wanted to impeach Clinton for lying about something any man would lie about. Did anyone in W's group tell the truth about anything when they were in office? They aren't even being investigated.

  4. That was an odd list. That's a list of widely-known historical events written scary-style (the July 1944 plot of generals attempting to assassinate Hitler got thrown in there along with "The Illuminati"? Who wrote this list, Dan Brown?) mixed with tin-foil-hat stuff. It started off good and then got really strange.

  5. QWP, we'll discuss this further when I have time.
    1. who is Dan Brown?
    2. of course it is all historical knowledge now else it would still be conspiracy theory.
    3. It may be tin-foil hat stuff but it DID happen. Seems to me that was the point.
    Not sure about the WWII plot nor Illuminati references as they did seem out of place but were certainly large conspiracies at the time.
    It will be interesting in 50 or 100 years to learn more about the AGW nonsense and 9/11.

  6. Wait...
    Are you saying ANY man would lie about denying another person's civil rights?
    Because that is what Clinton did, and why he was impeached and disbarred.
    (Contrary to what many will say, and you apparently hint here...
    "It was just about sex.")


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