Sunday, January 31, 2010

Masha's cat enters the sex trade

Masha has a big male kot named Kouray.  He is a purebred gray Scottish Fold, for which Andrei and Tanya paid good money, for Masha's birthday a year and a half ago.  There is another Scottish Fold in town, a gray female.

A batch of kittens (or two) would help both owners recoup their investment.

So today I drove Tanya, Masha and Kouray over to meet his new paramour, taking cat, kennel, food and litter box for a possible extended stay.

Apparently it was not love at first site sight.  Kouray meowed to go home and the koshka,  less than impressed, hissed at him and made threatening claw moves, Tanya said. 

Give them time.


  1. Well, the romance got off to a rocky start. But who knows?

  2. Like a lot of relationships, really.

  3. I never thought much of arranged marriages anyhow.

  4. Kiray (sorry, I spelled it wrong in the blog)is home. He hated the koshka and just meowed to go home constantly so Tanya went and got him today. He has been an only cat all his life and didn't know what to make of another creature of the same species.

  5. tsk tsk. You made a classic error. NEVER take the male cat to the female's sanctuary. Bring the female into the male's territory. Hope this helps, and I'd sure love one of the litter, but I would never ship an animal by airplane. I'm constantly surprised that any survive.

  6. can they tell when she is in heat?

  7. Dana - Tanya knows this but figured with Masha chasing them around, they would not get any "quality time". Or maybe that Masha would learn more than her mom thinks she is ready for?
    PN - one would think so. Cows, not cats, is more my area of expertise so cannot give advice to them in that regard.

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