Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our Second Christmas Dinner in a Fortnight

Today is Orthodox Christmas Eve. Orthodox Christmas falling on January 7th,  thirteen days after Western Christmas.  The Gregorian calendar was not adopted in Russia until the early 1900's by which time the Julian calendar was 13 days behind..

While the traditional Christmas Eve supper is supposed to be 12 meatless dishes, we were a bit unorthodox and Tanya roasted the goose we purchased sometime back and kept safely in our freezer just for tonight.  Excellent bird, I must say!

Roman and Lena were here for supper.  Roman and I had been to Dnipropetrovsk, leaving at 8:00 and returning by 3:00.  I went to get my air ticket to Kazakhstan (Tanya isn't going as she has a terrible cold) and Roman went to see his Doctor, his appointment having been rescheduled from mid-December for weather reasons.  We got home just in time as it began snowing hard and the roads were getting heavy.

So to all our Russian friends, we say "С Рождеством Христовым!" (Srozhdestvom Khristovym) and to our Ukrainian Friends “З Різдвом Христовим” (Z Rizdvom Khrystovym).



  1. Hope you had a great Christmas supper. As the expression goes "Now your goose is cooked." On Dec 25 Christmas you mentioned it was the first time Tanya cooked a turkey. Is goose more common over there than turkey?

  2. Merry Second/Orthodox Christmas your your household, BF

  3. DCP - Far more common. Every village has gaggles of them. Turkeys are relatively new. I've yet to see eiher turkeys or geese in a grocery store, just in the markets.

  4. we had pizza and mud pie for Eastern orthodox Christmas, on the account of someone turning 3.
    there were some turkeys there (tired toddlers + sugar)

  5. That kid is three already? Good grief, Charlie Brown.
    Mud Pie would be wonderful. Or Dirt Pudding. I need instant pudding!!


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