Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Murphy was an Optimist

Left for Dnipropetrovsk this morning at 11:30.  Andrei drove through thickening fog and light rain all the way.  Arrived airport 1:30.  Flight canceled 2:30.  Arrived home 5:30.  Leave for Kyiv on night train from Pyatikhatki at 12:40 am.  Will fly from Kyiv at 11:55 am tomorrow and catch my connecting flight in Istanbul on time, arriving in Astana at 4:00 am Thursday. 

I hope.

So instead of spending the night in a quaint little hotel in old Istanbul, I will spend it on a short bunk in an open sleeping car on a rocking, rolling, thumping, pounding  train to Kyiv.  And instead of a free day to work in my room before my plane leaves Istanbul, I spend four hours in Kyiv airport and three in Istanbul airport.  And arrive in Astana just in time to leave for a 400 km drive on ??? roads in the dead of winter in a country that makes the Regina plains seem hilly.

I must be nuts. I am not 40 anymore. Nor am I actually there yet.


  1. Anyone who takes the time to spell Dnipropetrovsk correctly is too smart to let a little snow, some delays and a slippery slide into your final destination be a problem.

  2. I guess the bright side is you don't have to take a bus all the way there.

  3. There must be a better way to live in "retirement." Are you sure that you're in your right mind?

    Bear suggests some nice hot tea, with hunmny, while sitting a chair, feet on footstool, in front of fireplace. Dog lying beside you would be nice, but is optional.


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