Friday, March 26, 2010

Back Home Again

Three day beef school at Agro-Soyuz finished.  Everyone tired and happy.  Tanya says I am getting old as 11 years ago when I first taught a beef school in Ukraine, I could talk all day and not get tired.  It was a great class.  Lots of questions and arguments.  I learned lots too which is the best part of teaching an adult group.

Tanya and I are glad to be home with no projects in immediate future.  The last couple of weeeks have been pretty hectic.  I had 16 presentations on PPT that needed to be translated.  The translation team was tied up until a couple weeks ago so they were very rushed and late getting stuff back to me to make pretty and add pictures (slow email dictates no pictures etc in files sent for translation).  I was up late getting the PPTs ready, including nights during the school.

Spring has finally come.  Winter coats in closet, flower garden cleaned today.  Pictures of crocus's will be posted tomorrow.  Hyacinths are up and will bloom shortly.  Creek (river) is flooding.  Ducks and song birds are back.

Now I am going to bed.  I will read a week's backlog of blogs tomorrow.


  1. I have only done a presentation through a translator a couple times. On one to a Chinese group their translator had no knowledge of technical terms. Fortunately there was a Chinese engineer from my department at the presentation who helped answer their questions.

    Another to a group from Kazakhstan went well because the translator was quite good. We were able to carry on a very good discussion that I found enjoyable.

  2. I have been working through translators for 20 years now, the good, the bad and the ugly. Worst were Chinese and best were Chinese and Mongolian. Best Ukrainian and Russian translator was my good friend Sasha Gritsyuk who was a casualty of last fall's flu season.

  3. You know you're getting old when your wife tells you! Sheesh!

    Still lots of snow on the ground here.


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